Monday, April 7, 2014

Fun In The A To Z Challenge

Ah the letter F in the April A to Z Challenge.  You'd think that this letter would have been one of my favorite subjects and super powers...farting, but nah, I've already done that.  In fact you can ready about it HERE and you can read more bathroom humor HERE (which by the way was published in a book).  Yeah, I could have gone on and on about farting in Adulthood, but instead I touch base on fun.  That's right fun.  So far I've been saying that venturing further into Adulthood isn't fun, well I'm taking it back, it is fun, just fun in a different way.

We you are younger fun meant different things, as a child fun was anything really, you could make a game out of a stick and a leaf.  You spent your time having fun, for the most part.  When you hit teenage years it's a little different but the fun is still there.  Then you get the magic age bracket and you're still having fun, just in a different way.

When I was 21, fun meant hanging out with friends on Friday and Saturday nights, drinking some beers and shooting pool.  Or it could have meant taking your girlfriend out for a fancy Ponderosa buffet dinner in hopes that the all you can eat chicken wings meant you were getting lucky that night.  Maybe a movie was in order or just driving around aimlessly.  Even after I got married, that kind of fun was still there but now...

Hanging out with friends now means going over their house or vice versa with your kids and drinking coffee talking about your latest doctor appointments or the great deal you got at Target.  You chat about the kid's teachers and the after curricular activities they are in.  IF and that's a big IF you drink some beer you have one or two and announce that you shouldn't have anymore because the kids get up early and you have to leave in about 45 minutes.  BUT, it is still fun, because you get adult conversation.

Now taking the Trophy on a date is not an option really, alone anyway.  If it's a date it usually means having the Minions in tow and getting dirty looks for having an adult beverage at dinner with your kids around.  The restaurants are different now, basically anything with a kids menu.  Oh and getting lucky?  Forget it, by the time you get home, chase the Minions into the shower and get them in bed, you're exhausted, BUT it's fun, just in a different way.

Movies take on a whole new meaning now.  First, if you go to the movies, it's not on your terms.  You need to go to the matinee to avoid giving your first born up for a down payment on tickets and it's not a movie you choose to see, it's based off the Minions' choices.  Dragons, Legos, Muppets, Captain America (actually I can't complain about that one), it's not what you necessarily want to see.  The movie snacks are different now too, instead of going to the movie and buying a popcorn and two sodas, it's now sneaking in Dollar Store snacks and sharing a large Diet Coke.  If I got a bonus, we could share a popcorn too.  BUT, it's still fun, you get to spend time with the family.

Don't even bring up driving around aimlessly you know how much gas is?  We have mouths to feed and clothes to buy!

Anyway, getting further into Adulthood doesn't always mean it isn't fun, it's just a different kind of fun.


  1. That's why I am glad my fun has always been listening to music and reading. I can do that almost anywhere. If I play my cards right, i can even do those things while pretending to attend to other duties...

  2. Now I have Crosby Stills & Nash in my head "It's getting to the point where I'm no fin anymore"....(I am clearly older than you)....for the record, there are those in our house who think fun=farts

  3. Fun changes with age. I have been reading your previous posts and had to laugh. Your idea of fun is kind of like mine because we are raising our grandson who just turned 13. At least (unless it's a chick flick), we get to pick the money. He's old enough. However, while I enjoy watching him place baseball, the seven day of week baseball practice and games are not fun. Oh well, he will grow up someday and then I might look back and think it was fun. It's subjective.