Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A To Z Challenge: Olympics In Boston?

My second favorite slave girl.
Today is the letter O, again I was this close to reposting my O post from last year but the Trophy said no, no fucking no so I am stuck writing new material....did I mention I'm taking all of May off from writing?  No not really but it sounds like a good idea.

Anyway, I did a post about the Olympics a while ago you should go and read it, go on, I'll wait.  The other day I was listening to the radio morning show that I listen to every morning on my way to work and they mentioned that Boston threw their hat into the ring for hosting the Winter Olympics in 2026.  Sounds cool right?  Wrong!

You see there are several issues that come to mind when I think about having the Winter Olympics in Boston and not the obvious reason from yesterday.  First, Massachusetts is small, you can travel end to end in about four hours and Boston is relatively small for a city too, compared to other capital cities.  This means that the sports would have to be spread out throughout the state and beyond.  I mean you can hold hockey at the Garden but what about the biathlon?  You'd have to find some state park out in Western Mass but you'd have to eliminate the shooting aspect of it if it's held on Sunday or a holiday.  The space needed for the Olympics is massive and well Boston isn't.

The next issue you would run into is it's New England, we can't guarantee snow during the winter months.  Yes, we usually have snow but the past few years it has been scarce to say the least.  You wouldn't exactly be able to hold down hill skiing if it's 60 degrees out.  They are rolling the dice for a let down on that one.

Looks fun huh?
Of course there is the blatant elephant in the room...the traffic.  The traffic getting into Boston is a nightmare every day and starts about an hour away from the city.  I couldn't even imagine having to be stuck behind a bus full of athletes traveling from Olympic Village to Fenway.  Speaking of the Olympic Village....

What township are you going to level in order to construct the Village?  Will it be down on the Cape, wipe out Chatham or maybe Brookline?  If we had to vote for a location, wipe out Concord, they're bunch of dill munchers anyway.  Then the Olympic Stadium...where the hell are you going to put that thing?  You can't tear down Fenway, the Garden was just built and Gilette is monstrosity on it's own.
Can you imagine?
Anyway, basically bringing the Olympics to Boston would piss everyone off and they're already pissed off to begin with.


  1. 1. You can't take May off; you need to do The ABC's of swearing!
    2. They should totally level Lowell.

  2. 1. What Jenn said

    2. Olympics should be in PA. So you fuckers would come visit me.

    -The Insomniac's Dream

  3. 1. What Jenn said, then what Starr said
    2. The only three Winter Olympic sports worth watching are Curling, Biathlon, Ski Jump
    3. None of these are worth the headache to the denizens of said host city.