Friday, August 17, 2012

The Cape Cod Adventure: Day 5

OK, OK, OK, I am a day behind but I will blame the fact that I have been without the interweb since we've been down here at the Cape and my 3G wireless card for my laptop, well it doesn't work because there is no fricking cell service where we are staying, ironically enough though there was plenty of bars on my Crackberry when we were five miles out to sea watching whales...can you hear me now fuckers?

Anyway, I have had limited interweb access if I sit in a certain spot in the kitchen of the house and lean a certain way, so I have painstakingly kept on blogging, it has taken me an average of two hours to post a post because (LIKE JUST NOW!!!) the pink bar of doom appears at the top of my Blogger page saying that an error has occurred while trying to save or publish your post.  Please try again.  I try again and again and again....and holy shit, adding those pictures takes all night too, so the next coupe of posts might be pictureless...maybe, the pink bar of doom has subsided for now.

So, day 5 here on the Cape, my sunburn has healed and itchy now, I have successfully removed every grain of sand from my scrotum and we went miniature golfing.  Three things which are painful to me.  Now, for anyone who hasn't been to the Cape before there are approximately 3.5 mini golf courses per five mile radius on the Cape, some are good, some not so good.  We chose the one with the big white whale in front of it because, well it had a big white whale in front of it...and the women folk decided it was a better value because you get free replays.  Oh, goody!  Not just 18 holes of excruciating pain but 36 holes of demonic pleasure.  Normally I don't have an issue with mini golf, it can be fun but add a twelve year old and a ten year old girl into the mix of my three Minions, well let's just say there was no joy in Mudville that day.

I was paired up with #2 who went through the course in record time according to the owner, it took him twenty minutes to play 36 your heart out Tiger.  The other part of the family took their time finishing while #2 and I sat in the sun and started seeing mirages.  But there was hope on the horizon!  After the torture of mini golf, I got to go to the Cape Cod Beer brewery.  I try to visit the local brewery, if there is one.  I kinda like beer, but you already knew that.  The Cape Cod brewery tour was kind of lame, but the best thing is the free beer samples!  I tried Beach Blonde (possibly my favorite lighter beer now) and the Cape Cod Red, which was equally as yummy.

I do love me a blonde.

Wise man, that Ben Franklin

I asked if I could go swimming, they told me no.

Sounds like a perfect plan.
After the brewery we went home and chilled for a bit because the night of Day 5 was when we were going to celebrate our anniversary, which is next week.  So the Trophy's family watched the Minions while we got all gussied up and went out to dinner.  We went to the second most romantic restaurant on the Cape, the Yarmouth House.  It was a pretty nice restaurant and the food was really good.  After the dinner we decided to walk the beach..I know, I'm a romantic kinda guy and it gets better.

We have been married for thirteen years (next week) and when we got married we were young and broke ass broke so our wedding was done by a Justice of the Peace, our DJ was a boombox and the reception was a picnic in my parent's backyard.  Well times have gotten a little better for us and I thought it was time that the Trophy got her wedding she deserved, so I asked her to marry me again.  I'll wait for the "awwwwws" from my Dudette readers.  I figured we have two years to save up to do it right this time and we can renew our vows on our fifteenth anniversary.

I actually had a slightly different plan for the big night out, you see we honeymooned down here thirteen years ago and our first dinner as a married couple was KFC in West Yarmouth.  I was going to have her get all dressed up thinking we were going out for a fancy dinner (which we did anyway) and then go to KFC.  Well, the KFC/A&W is closed in West Yarmouth so that kind of blew things out of the water.  I think she was happier with the Yarmouth House anyway.

So that concludes day 5 of the adventure and aside from the brewery pictures I didn't get many that day.  Although there is some great footage of the after anniversary dinner sex....just kidding...or am I?

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  1. Great post and pictures. I have never been to Cape Cod but I just booked a Cape Cod vacation rental for next summer. I am so excited! I will definitely have to check out the Cape Cod Beer brewery. Thanks so much for sharing Kevin.