Monday, January 7, 2013

Pimpin' Ain't Easy

So, it looks like I have this Monday off from blogging because Gossip_Grl over at the great blog ~*~Whatever~*~ has spotlighted me on her page.  Of course there is a little blurb from yours truly in there answering some questions but mostly it's her spewing awesomeness about me..and Chaning Tatum.

So go and check this out and thanks to Gossip_Grl once again for the pimp, just don't bitch slap me if I don't come through with the money.


  1. First, I want your clock on my wall. Just had to see what Gossip Girl was talking about, so here I am.

    1. I stole the clock from Gossip Girl, it's the closest thing to a button that she has and I hope you enjoyed your visit.

  2. Pimp? ROFLMAO!

    Everybody knows I'm the pimp king in all the internet! Just look at the wall of shame...big pimpin! lol

  3. Yay Gossip Girl! Headin over there to read it.

  4. OMGosh I am a few days late for a comment, sorry about that. It has been a crazy start to the week, and not because of your spotlight. I normally have Mondays off, I call it catch up day but no one of my clients missed the mid night hour of wise men and getting her Christmas put away so I had to head over to help. Yesterday I was on my way to another clients and she called to say don't come today, we all have the nasty flu. Wednesday is here and I have no clue how to rearrange my calendar. :( Anyway just wanted to say Thanks for the shoutout!