Thursday, October 18, 2012

It's The Great Frosted Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

October 31st in New England can be different than other places in the United States.  You see Halloween is more like Christmas for us, we are getting something but we don't know if we're going to like it or not.

For those of you who have not had the, ahem, pleasure of living in New England, Mother Nature has PMS in the fall, for more information, please refer to my post I did about Fall.  Yes, we have the four seasons, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter and for the most part three out of the four are dead on with their descriptions.  Spring we know will be rainy and a little chilly, Summer will always be hot and Winter we can expect snow, but Fall, you never know what you are going to get up here and that screws up your Tricks or Treats (as the gang from Charlie Brown call it).

But, you can watch the weather can't you?  Nope.  New Englanders don't trust the weather people because they are usually wrong up here.  We tell the weather by opening the front door and sticking our heads out to see what it's doing.

Parents living in New England need to start thinking about their kid's Halloween costumes months in advance, not because their Minions can't decided on what to be, no sir, it's because they have to find the perfect costume that can be adapted for both hot and cold.   We can't just go to the local Halloween World and buy a Captain America costume, we need to study and do homework on different costumes.  People living in California or Florida are probably wondering why, well it's simple.  It's either going to be absolutely frigid or sweltering like the depths of Hell on Halloween and we won't know until about a day or two before the holiday.

There are different factors when picking out the costume and it can be time consuming, that is why you see a lot of kids up here dressed in their Dad's clothes and are going Trick or Treating as a hobo...what does that say about your Dad's taste of clothing?  You need to make sure the costume is bigger than normal because if it's cold out, the kids need to put their Thor outfit on over three other layers of long johns, t-shirts and sweat pants/shirts.  If you did not purchase the costume big, Thor wouldn't look so Mighty having to wear his L.L. Bean winter jacket over the cape and armor.

There is a catch to buying it too big though, if it's hot out, The Incredible Hulk will look more like a green Hulk Hogan with the sagging man boobs, you have nothing to stuff it with.  Now it will need an alteration consisting of safety pins and duct tape.  The good thing about buying the costume bigger is that it can be handed down if you were dumb brave caring enough to have multiple kids, another bad thing though is if you only have one kid, he/she will get sick of having to be the same thing for the next three Halloweens. 
But Dad, Barney went out of style 15 years ago...
This year the Trophy and I have beat Mother Nature at her own game.  We are going to dress the Minions up as Eskimos with a pair of surfer jams underneath, this way we are covered for both sides of Fall.

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  1. I have sad, vivid memories of trick-or-treating with gloves and an umbrella...

  2. Hahaha! Exactly! I'm in the North East, we never know either. I still haven't purchased costumes for the kids because of that very reason. My daughter wasnts to be a butterfly...but she may have to go in the larvae stage.

  3. Southern Ontario weather is not much different from New England weather. It really sucks to have to wear a winter coat over your costume.

  4. I'm from Northeastern Ohio. I had a parka over a good share of my Halloween costumes. I feel your pain. lol

  5. I love that you captured both the enthusiasm we have for Halloween in the Northeast and the weather debacle. When I started blogging, I was amazed just how often I didn't just want to talk about the weather; I wanted to write about it! It's just a big deal around here! Good idea for the costumes, by the way:)

  6. lol, my sister moved to Minnesota years ago and quickly learned how to make ALL her kids costumes out of sweatsuits (in a large size to fit over layers of clothes). Red sweatsuit + ping pong balls on the hood = Elmo. Blue sweatsuit + ping pong balls on the hood = Cookie Monster. Green sweatsuit + ping pong balls on the hood = Kermit. Hmmm, I see a theme here. Who knew you could do so much with ping pong balls that didn't involve drinking.

  7. Yup, I remember getting all decked out in my Halloween costume (I was a nurse every year, by the way - as you will see in my post) and then having my mother zip me up in a huge winter coat. Worked well in hiding the fact that I was a nurse AGAIN, but it really defeated the point.

    Love this year's costume idea!

  8. I'm in WV and remember growing up lots of cold trick or treating, now it never fails it's either rainy or rainy and cold except for last year it snowed. We used to take the kids trick or treating R Lee Ermey Style and make them run to the houses with a "move it move it move it" they often forgot how cold it was. :)

  9. OMG...surfing Eskimos! That's effing priceless! Just be thankful you don't have to worry about picking out costumes for girls, when all you have to choose from belong in a store called 'Halloween Sluts R Us'. Because, of course, in Cali the costumes have less clothes because of the weather :-)

  10. We too, must wear another outfit under our costumes. We won't even discuss how I survived walking in a parade last night as a French Maid (I sort of hovered around the exhaust muffler of the bus in front of us. Stinky. But warm.)