Sunday, September 30, 2012

Avengers...Eat Breakfast?

As a self proclaimed geek, especially in the Star Wars categories, I enjoy a good comic book from time to time.  I also enjoy watching superhero movies as well, I love anything that has the "man" in the end of the word...wait...that sounded really gay...I also really enjoy the female superhero movies too.  What's that?  There really isn't many female superhero movies?  Well here, look at these for a minute and it will erase the whole "man in the end" comment.

 You're welcome, but unfortunately these are not real movie posters or promotional pictures, they are the workings of some very, VERY talented Photoshoppers and to them I salute you.  Can you imagine those coming at you in 3D......sorry my mind drifted and I need to get on with the actual post...

So, ahem, anyway I like superhero movies and I have a new favorite movie of all time, The Avengers.  I have watched this movie at least a half dozen times between the theater and owning it on BluRay.  Now before you jump all over me about this being my new favorite movie and not one in the Star Wars Saga, Star Wars is a category all of it's own and I will still consider the Saga the best and my absolute favorite...period, but for individual movies outside the Star Wars category, The Avengers is now my favorite and it is also a favorite of the Minions.

Thor is awesome, but the Minions keep him on the outside
My Minions have moved on from their original roles that you have now come to know, they have the same personalities but different "role models".  This for most purposes is a good thing because they are heroes and do what's right.  For the past few mornings they have come to breakfast with the war cry of "Avengers assemble!" and just like the movie, the three of them come from all different directions of the house.

Minion #1, who tends to lean towards Captain America, will be the first to arrive and take his place at the breakfast bar and being the leader he calls out for the other two Minions.  Next to appear would be #3 who has replaced his knock, knock, knock with a BAM, BAM, BAM on his bedroom door.  #3 has assumed the role of the Iron Man.  Finally #2 comes to the scene, not worrying about much of anything other than himself, he has adopted the persona of Bruce Banner, working hard to hide his secret, The Hulk.

For those who have not yet been introduced to the Minions, feel free to head over to this Minion post to get caught up to speed.  Now flash forward a few months.

Updated Not So Top Secret Dossiers

Codename: Captain Minion
File Name:  Fuller, D.  SN: XXX-XX-XXXX
D.O.B.:  12-24-2003  Grade:  E-3
Primary Objective:  To Help Protect The World
Super Powers:  Brilliant Mind and "Super Soldier"

#1 has entered the next level of his training, 3rd grade.  He has adopted the persona of Captain America and now fights to defend what he feels is right.  Unfortunately for his superiors, what he feels is right isn't always.  #1 is still the leader of the group and has recruited others to join as well; reference Secure File:  Gav Man and Syd Vicious.

Codename: The Undoubted Hulk
File Name:  Fuller, B.  SN:  XXX-XX-XXXX
D.O.B.:   10-18-2006  Grade:  E-K
Primary Objective:  To Smash Everything In Sight and Control The Monster
Super Power:  Brute Strength and Cunning (When Not The Hulk)

#2 has breathtaking anger management issues.  He is working hard on controlling the beast within and has gone almost a week without incident.  #2 can loose control at any moment and depending on the situation, destroy and entire backyard.  He has increased his potential to control the beast by starting his training in Kindergarten, the trainers there are superb and are working very hard with him.  The superiors are still convinced that he was exposed to gamma radiation either shortly after being born or while still inside the womb.  There is constant monitoring of #2.

Codename:  Gas Man
File Name:  Fuller, T.  SN:  XXX-XX-XXXX
D.O.B.:  4-13-10  Grade:  P-2
Primary Objective:  To Attempt To Fly and Defend The Fortress
Super Power:  Unlimited Supply of Gas and Verbal Assault

#3 has developed quickly in the past few months and has truly come into his own.  He is quickly learning his role in the group but does not seem satisfied with it.  The superiors have recorded signs that he wants something bigger and more powerful than what he has now.  #3 has started forming the ability to have his powers and those of his brother Minions.  This is a concern to the superiors especially since he has been able to grasp the English language now.  #3 is one lab experiment gone wrong to becoming the ultimate fighting force.


  1. You need to invite a friend of theirs over and give him a hammer to play with.

  2. Why can't we see their social security numbers? Also, which minion has the highest credit rating? I'm asking, for, uh, no reason. No reason at all.

  3. I saw that Megan Fox movie poster a while ago and I was so excited until I found out it wasn't real. I loved Wonder Woman as a kid, for the action of course.

    Love the updates about your minions too, great stuff.