Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Minions Have Minions

I ate a dolphin Steve.  Sorry one of my favorite quotes from the movie Multiplicity.  In our domicile, summer vacation started last week and the Trophy will be busy, to say the least this summer.  Not only does she have our three Minions but she has agreed to help out close friends of ours with watching their kids a few days a week.  She also is planning on having her two nieces up from New York for a couple of weeks and has promised the Minions that they can have friends over during the summer.  Did I mention I work six days a week?  Yeah times like this, six days a week doesn't look too bad.

So we all know the Minions by now....

In order, #2, #1 and #3.
Or if you read their dossiers, you will recognize these pictures:

#1, the Leader of the group

#2, the Hulk of the group.

#3, the hired gun of the group.
Now I have changed their pictures a little bit, as over the past few months their roles have changed slightly, but they are still know as Minions #1, #2 and #3.  They also have Minions of their own too...

The Minion's Minions...
The next two and half months will be interesting to say the least, I fully intend on taking some time off to spend with the family and do somethings around our domicile...and yes, to help out Trophy as well.  But in the meantime we have invited and expected guests invading the domicile starting with Syd Vicious and Gav-Man.

Gav-Man and Syd Vicious
 Not So Top Secret Dossiers

Group Protector
Codename:  Gav-Man
File Name:  C., Gavin  SN:  XXX-XXX-XXXX
D.O.B.:  Unknown  Grade:  E-4
Primary Objective:  Subject hasn't figured that out yet
Super Power:  Ability to tune out adults

Gav-Man has become a Minion through friendship.  He is older than the original Minions by one year.  Normally docile by nature, Gav-Man will protect the group at all costs, including his sister Syd Vicious.  His only weakness is being clumsy.  Gav-Man will surround himself with a type of armor normally to protect himself from...himself.

Group Assassin
Codename:  Syd Vicious
File Name:  C., Sydney  SN:  XXX-XXX-XXXX
D.O.B.:  Unknown  Grade: E-2
Primary Objective:  To date and marry Minion #1
Super Power:  Cuteness and debilitating laugh

Syd Vicious is the younger sister of Gav-Man, they usually come in a package.  Syd Vicious is the closest thing that the Creators will have to a daughter.  Although younger than Minion #1, Syd Vicious has developed a crush upon #1 and intends to continue it.  #1 seems have to taken a liking to this crush as well.  She will eliminate any threat to this group, especially to #1.  Her weaknesses are clothes, jewelery and #1.

So the Trophy was seeing what everyone wanted for lunch today, and the response from Gav-Man and Syd Vicious was, "We're not picky, we'll eat anything."  Trophy decided on chicken nuggets, it's safe, easy and every kid loves chicken nuggets.  Well according to Gav-Man, they only like the dinosaur ones.....the Trophy has the same twitch I get when the Minions act up and it was starting to show.  She took one of the regualr chicken nuggets, took a bite out of it and showed it to the Minion's Minions and said,

"There, now it's a dinosaur chicken nugget."


"The dinosaur just ate part of it, now enjoy your lunch."

And they did.


  1. Haha! I love the Trophy! She's definitely my kind of gal.

    1. Yeah, she is a good catch, besides who else would put up with my shit?