Monday, June 18, 2012

The Land of Hippies, Subarus and Birkenstock

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OK, so this weekend was Father's Day and well considering I don't have a Father anymore I wanted to try to block it out of my mind.  Saturday night we were sitting on the deck and decided that we should do a day trip.  We thought of a few different places to go and do things, Cape Cod is only an hour and a half from us, but we're going for a week in August, Boston would be cool, but we're not really city people, New Hampshire is spitting distance and Maine is our usual trip a few times a year, plus it gets costly with the outlets, LL Bean and Cabela's. 

We decided to go to Vermont for the day.  Waterbury/Stowe to be exact, we have done this trip once before and really enjoyed it.  Vermont is a beautiful place, the scenery is straight off of a post card, the people are pretty cool and they take their beer and coffee seriously...very seriously.

The Trophy, Minions and myself headed out around 7:30 AM on Father's Day and within an hour of the trip we had counted 63 Subarus.  Oops, I got a ahead of myself, sorry....the Trophy and I came up with a game the last time we ventured into the Green Mountains, we dubbed it Lesbian or Hippie Subaru Spotting.  The rules are simple, while traveling on the highway, when you come up to a Subaru to pass (you ALWAYS pass the Subarus up there, they run on granola and pine nuts, so they can't go very fast) you need to guess whether the person or people in the Subaru are lesbians or hippies before you pass.  Once the guesses have been made you pass the Subaru, do the "look into the other car thing" and see who wins.  The only stipulation is if it has a rainbow flag sticker, equal sign sticker or an upside down pink triangle you can't guess because it's a dead give away.  But having the Minions this time we decided to play it safe and just count the Subarus we saw.  Within an hour we counted 63, just heading in our direction.

If you look closely at the back hatch, you'll see the rainbow...
If you are ever in Waterury Vermont, there are four places you need to go.  Just the four because other than that, there are cows, cows, maple trees, Life is Good wearing yuppies, cows, cows and Subarus.  The four places are (in no particular order) Ben and Jerry's, Cabot Creamery, Cold Hollow Cider Mill and Green Mountain Coffee.  There are a few other pretty cool places like the Alchemist Cannery and Lake Champlain Chocolates but for the sake of this blog I choose the first four.

Ben and Jerry's - Besides giving free ice cream and tours to Dad's on Father's Day, they have the best fucking ice cream....period.  My personal favorite is Chubby Hubby, because they named it after me of course.  This place is pretty cool, 90% of the facility is free, the tour is cheap and the hot blonde chick gives you free ice cream samples of a flavor that hasn't been released yet and there is the flavor graveyard. 

Cabot Creamery - It was actually the outlet store, the creamery itself was kind of boring but the store was cool.  They feed you lots of cheese, all kinds of cheese and as many samples as you want.  I felt like Steve Urkel in there.  There is one problem though, Minion #3 loves cheese and he was chowing on spicy cheese, jalapeno cheese, cheddar cheese, cheese popcorn...well let's say first he ate it and then he cut it...A LOT.  I thought the chili was a bad idea, good thing he is too young to drink beer...I'll get to that in a minute.

Cold Hollow Cider Mill - I kind of have a soft spot in my heart for places like this, it's how a grew up watching people make cider, old fashioned farm equipment and growing up I MADE maple syrup...forty gallons of sap makes one gallon of syrup.  It's a cool family farm.

Green Mountain Coffee - Like I said before, Vermonsters (what they call themselves), take their coffee VERY seriously.  They give you free coffee everywhere, at rest stops, restaurants, everywhere.  The even make you chew the coffee beans like dip.....

As a guy and the fact it was Father's Day, I wanted to check out some breweries.  Vermont loves it's beer and for very good reason, they make some freaking good beer.  I went to a couple of breweries yesterday, the Alchemist Cannery, which is just starting out and makes some awesome beer, but sold out for the weekend and Magic Hat.  Magic Hat is awesome, you go there, wander around the self guided tour, show your ID and you drink free beer.  How awesome is that?  I bought a pair of those disguise glasses and went seven or eight times....yeah, no, the Trophy didn't want me getting too drunk, I guess people frown upon drinking and driving and they get REALLY bitchy when you have kids in the car, I mean shit, they weren't drinking.
Their slogan is Wanna Get Head?
So headed back home we were in need of some coffee, it's a three hour ride home so caffeine was in order.  Remember when I said Vermont takes it's coffee seriously?  Well they only take it seriously on Sunday up until 5:00 PM.  Everything shuts off like a light switch around there on Sundays, but, alas, there is always the old stand by Dunkin Donuts.  Any New Englander will attest to having a Dunkin Donuts within a five mile radius of your house.  Not in Vermont....did you know that there are something like 12 DDs in the state and they are spread out pretty sparse.  Now being from Massachusetts, our Dunkin Donuts are open late, even 24 hours, but up there they close at 7 fucking PM!

Well we made it home and had a really fun day, it is so worth the trip to hang out in Vermont for the day, oh and when all was said and done, we saw 168 Subarus, not counting the three dealerships we passed.  I think it was a 60/40 split of lesbians to hippies.

Yes, this is really the maple syrup logo up there....


  1. Very funny story. I remember when most places closed @ 5pm on Sundays around here. It became costly for store owners bcuz Hillbilly's throw cinder blocks through windows for grab and dash beer runs, so they stay open later.

    1. Thanks! Vermont is too peaceful to have riots like your hillbillies LOL...maybe if they ran out of coffee or beer or Subarus.

  2. I know I wrote about bumper stickers on my blog, but I just remembered 2 of my favorites...both on "lesbian" Subarus.

    1. If you weren't supposed to eat it, it wouldn't look like a taco!

    2. "Vagitarians" on board!

    Just thought I'd share!