Monday, February 4, 2013

If I Could Direct Your Attention a guest post I am doing over at Something Clever 2.0.

A while ago she wrote about the Food Pyramid for Mothers and me being a Dad had a couple issues with it.  So she asked me to do my own post.  You can find that post HERE.

Go and check it out and while there read some of her posts, they are pretty good.


  1. The link told me that I'm drunk. Which is NOT true. Help.

    1. You're still drunk...but I fixed the link anyway.

    2. Headin' on over. Thanks for linking up to my blog hop!

  2. I commented over on the blog, but I'll post it here too...
    I must be the saint of wifedom then, because I don't complain about how much my husband drinks (half the time, I go buy it for him while he is at work and I have it cold for him when he's ready for it), I don't mind when he plays his video games (more time for me to join you all in the blogging world) and I make sure that he gets his fill of dinner. I'm not a drinker, either...although he DID read me an article that basically said I needed to be able to match his 6 or more Bud Light Platinums.
    Eff that!