Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Cape Cod Adventure: Day 3

The Provincetown excursion was ixnayed today.  There appears to be a big carnival happening up there and not that I have anything wrong with that, the traffic would have been a nightmare, the streets packed and just not so much fun if you ask me.  Not to mention there would probably be clowns and I HATE clowns.  However I did find something in our travels today that I thought was awesome, being the Star Wars geek and all....

Attack of the Clones!
I want a Grand Army of the Republic sign!  Actually I really want my own army of Clones, but that's a different blog post.  So we really didn't do much today, we decided to go for a bike ride on the Cape Cod Rail Trail or the C.C.R.T. to the locals down here.  It's a great bike riding location and pretty scenic, although it does stretch for like fifty miles, we opted to do a short ten mile ride.  It's crazy, I know Massachusetts is known for their traffic rotaries (roundabouts or circles to non-Massholes) but I have never seen one on a bike trail.

Holy crap!  Even the bike trails have rotaries!
Minion #1 crashed and burned in this tunnel, blood everywhere!
I will probably end up taking a longer bike ride later this week to check out some more of the trail and hopefully #1 won't bite the big one on the tunnel again.

After the bike ride, we needed to go and do some more chachki shopping and I ended up going to the local Boy Scout Council down here and scored some patches...not that really interests you, but that's how I saw the Grand Army sign on Route 6.  The other half of our family decided to hit the beach again, I guess they didn't have enough sand in the grundel area yesterday.

After supper I decided to take a walk and whilst on my walk I noticed that all the houses looked the same.  They are all the cape style (imagine that) with the grey clapboard shingles for siding.  I got to thinking, if I was ever to purchase land down here, or more likely a house, I would tear it down and build a log cabin.  That would blow the locals' minds.  They are so used to seeing rows of gray houses and then BAM! there's the new Minion dwelling, all brown and made out of logs.  It would have a front porch and a pair of moose antlers on the front instead of a fake lobster, stars or a lobster trap on it.

Driving down the road and seeing rows of these...
And then BAM!  The Minion Dwelling!
Eh, on second thought I wouldn't bother owning a second house down here, or anywhere else for that matter, even if I did have the money to do it.  Think about it, would you really want to leave your fifty week a year home in suburbia to come to your other home for a "vacation" where you still need to do yard work, fix shit around the house and clean the house?  You can do that at your fifty week house already.  Taking care of one house is hard enough, I couldn't even imagine taking care of two.  I'll stick to renting someone's house and using their electricity, water and rooms.

Oh, I almost forgot, while out today we went to a candy store and I found a candy they made in honor of me....
Damn skippy, hippie.
Also I wanted to let everyone know I added the pictures to Day 2's post so feel free to go back and get the full effect of the post.


  1. I've always liked log cabins. Must be that Little House On the Prarie fixation I had as a kid. Big Hunk! Boo yah! What's in them? Caramel? Peanut butter? Nughat? What IS nughat anyway? Is it Ted Nugent singing lead for Foghat? Okay, I'll stop...

    1. You crack me up with your punderfull jokes! I'm not sure what is in a Big Hunk..

  2. Just catching up on my blog reading and right now, I'm wiping away tears of mirth, yes that's right mirth, at your 50 shades reviews. (though I confess I read all 3 trilogies whilst I was ill...don't judge me!)

    I love the look of that Log cabin...mmmm... me, a log cabin and a Big Hunk. There's a fantasy in there somewhere.

    1. Ah yes, my 50 Shades review, I took a break for vacation but will continue soon enough.

      Are you still talking about the candy bar?

  3. WOW on the bike trails! They are as big as the city streets in this town. :/ Love the log cabin though!

    1. They are crazy! And the bikers ain't much better....

  4. I'm in total agreement over the vacation home concept. Unless you've got money to throw away for someone to keep it up, why the frig would someone want to maintain two houses year round...unless I had two men, one in each house to do the maintaining...hmmmm...maybe I do want a second house. Wait, I can't even deal with one man very long...scratch that two fantasy.