Friday, December 30, 2011

Lucas, You Suck...

You, Lucas are an evil man, one worthy of being Darth Bane himself.

Yes, that is in fact the official trailer for Episode I in 3D.  Yes, all six Episodes are supposed to be released in 3D.  Yes, I will in fact see them in the theaters, in 3D.  Yes, I made a vow that I would not watch a movie in 3D UNLESS Lucas did the Saga.  Shit... I knew it was coming, the rumors were flying, the fake promos were out there, the Saga was just released on Blu Ray...wait....that's it!  The same thing happened before...the Original Trilogy was remastered with THX, scenes were added and then released on VHS...of course IV, V and VI were put into the theaters again, right before Episode I came out....wait!... conspiracy theory now, maybe, just maybe some of the expanded universe books will be made into movies?  OMG (and I never use OMG for fear of sounding gay) that would be awesome.

The only thing I would hope for is that they use the improvements from the Blu Ray versions and at some point they release the Holiday Special in 3D.
Fast forward 6 hours. As I am typing this I am sitting in Portland Maine watching the Clone Wars with my kids. It was a nice simple drive up here but what was more interesting was the conversation my wife and I had about the upcoming Saga in 3D, we talked about which scenes we thought would be best. 1. Pod race scene. 2. Yoda's first fight scene. 3. Any time the ships hit light speed. OK, never mind the list, the entire Saga will be sick. I cannot wait for February 10.

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