Monday, February 2, 2009

Not-so Super Bowl

Ok ok ok, yes the game itself was a really good football game, but like many of us..who cared about the outcome? Unless you were a fan of one of the two teams or had money on the line, the game was that...a game.

I watched it but not for the game but for the commercials and half time show. Waking up Monday morning and listing to my morning ritual WAAF 107.3 The Hillman Morning Show, it came to me realization that ALOT of people did the same thing.

It seemed that the economy made a big impact on the commercials but not in a good way. One would have thought the commercials would be a little more bold or geared toward making you feel good about buying something but in fact there were very few product commercials, aside from the beer and soda commercials, (which are almost pointless anyway but that's a different blog) most of the ads were for services i.e.,,

Aside from most of them being semi-entertaining the fact was they were geared towards a bad economy and making people think about their lost jobs or loosing their jobs. Not a fuzzy feeling that's for sure.

Thank god for the Boss at halftime!

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