Thursday, April 2, 2009

Urinals, Trailer Parks and Skateboarding Dogs

Ok picture this, Thursday, April 2nd, 2009.

The area was North Central Mass, the weather was sunny, 70 degrees and no humidity.

It was by most standards the perfect day...perfect for seeing some REALLY funny things!

Let us start with the urinal part of this observation, to be more specific a "waterless" urinal. I walked into one of my accounts, which was a Toyota dealership and well nature calls, so I hit the head before talking to the parts manager. I walk into the very nice marble bathroom and proceed to saddle up to the urinal. As I look down I notice this urinal does not have the normal accesories, such as a flusher and pipes. I am standing there peeing into this contraption and begin to think how this is more beneficial than your standard run of the mill urinal. Ok, sure, it saves water....but isn't the purpose of the water, when you flush, to rinse the wall of the urinal and remove the pee down the drain? I would assume that would be somewhat more santitary than just whizzing on the wall of the waterless urinal (where who knows how many other guys did that morning) and having the pee puddle up in the bottom...maybe I'm wrong, but I for one think that all urinals need to have a flushing mechanism.

Second, stopped waiting for a school bus to drop off the kids at a trailer park there was a sign of irony....literally. I looked over out the passenger window and saw several signs attached to various poles that read "No Trailer Parking Allowed". As I focused to the many rows of trailer homes in the park I had to laugh out loud for a couple of reasons. 1. The sheer irony of that sign. and 2. You know one of the residents stapled the signs not even aware that they were setting up for laugh. ***DISCLAIMER*** I have nothing against trailer parks or people who live in them, some of the greatest....domestic violence cases came from them. ***END DISCALIMER***

Now the third and best observation of today was one of the "I wish I had the video camera for that one" sighting. This is something you would see in a Looney Tunes cartoon or a slapstick comedy movie like any of National Lampoon's flicks. I was stopped at a stop light and was taking in my surroundings as I normally do when not in motion and I noticed a young man, 17-19 years old walking his big dog in the distance ahead of me. As the duo came closer I was impressed that the young man was riding his skateboard and his dog was pulling him. I thought to myself, self I says, that is pretty ingenious. Now enter the streetlamp on the sidewalk. The dog goes one way and the young man skates the other...the dog keeps going ripping the said young man off his skateboard, which in turns flies down the sidewalk well ahead of them. I then took back my thought of it being ingneious and turned it to "that was the funniest things I've seen in a LONG time!" I would like to thank that young man and specificallt his dog for making my day!


  1. we got one of those urinals here too at our plant;we were told they are more sanitary as without water bacteria can not grow. They do not have the smell like a regular urinal, better actually-so maybe they are right. I like that they are supposed to save up to 40,000 gallons of water a year. My kids will thank them. Sign on the urinal reads

  2. Yes I agree they save water but from a guys perspective, you can see the pee collecting at the bottom, I know urine is sterile and bacteria needs water to grow but it's gross.... peeing in someone elses pee, and it does splash....