Friday, March 16, 2012

I Forgot...

We'll start with that.  Remember that wonderful pill sorter I bought so that I could remember to take and organize my vitamins everyday?  Yeah, I've forgotten to take them three times since I bought that blasted thing...and that's how my craptacular Friday started.

I tend to be a man of routine, kind of Sheldon like if you will.  Let me take you down the road of my daily life, it's a lot like the movie Groundhog Day.

My day starts the same as every other day my internal alarm goes off at 5:30 AM, my physical alarm clock goes off at 6:00 AM, I roll out of bed about 15 minutes later.  I go into the bathroom (what?  You thought it was just going to be a timeline of my day, hell no! you get full details with me) as I was saying I go into the bathroom and brush my teeth, I turn on the shower (it takes a while to get our water warm) and then I take a smash.  Take a smash you ask, oh sorry different terminology I have learned, you may have heard me refer to taking a shit as dropping a duece, taking a number 2, dropping a stink pickle, taking the Browns to the Superbowl, firing a stink other words I poop every morning, I am regular...VERY regular.

After my healthy morning log I get into the shower, then get dressed after the shower.  I take the dog out where she takes a leak and drops a little log (miniature Dachshund), come back in feed the dog and the two cats.  While making my lunch and eating breakfast I listen to the three heathens arguing who touched who, who looked at who and so one.  I give everyone a kiss goodbye and out the door I go.  My day consists of seeing clients for my job where I get yelled at most of the day and told that the company I work for sucks.  I come home and do it all over again the next day.

So today was the same production just with added surprises.  As stated previously I forgot to take my vitamins, even with my handy dandy pill box.  Today was a typical New England day, it was grey with a chance of being grey.  If you live in New England you know the grey I'm talking about, no leaves on the trees, no sun, the grass isn't green yet, it's just grey.  It helps your bad mood immensely.  I didn't pack my lunch because things have been hectic here on the Death Star, so we haven't had a chance to get to our local Hannford's so I stopped at Subway...they used to be sandwich artists, now they are asshats. Eat fresh?  How about eat my ass!  They fucked up my sandwich, it was a simple order, foot long on wheat, ham NO CHEESE (I'm dieting), NOT TOASTED, lettuce, black olives, spinach and banana peppers with some salt and pepper.  I never once asked for mayo (again, I'm dieting) and I did not ask for it to have tomatoes on it.  The thing that sucks is I know what it's like to serve to public so I rarely complain about the their faces.

I get home and my wife has been making cakes (she does that for a side job, besides her full time job of being a mom) for a friend of ours.  The kitchen looks like the Ace of Cakes went to war with the cupcake freaks, but it's OK because it's extra money for us.  But before I get into the house my day gets topped off by....dropping a 2 liter bottle of diet coke in our mudroom where it EX-FUCKING-SPLODES everywhere.  So I spent an hour cleaning the walls, windows, shoes, floor and coats.  Sigh....

So here I sit, drinking a Magic Hat #9 and reading some blogs I follow and my day just got a lot brighter, it seems there is an award floating around in the blogosphere called the Liebster Award.  Who knew?  Well come to find out I have been awarded this award by one of my favorite blogs called Blondie McBaffledBlondie is a fantastically funny woman who shares a the same sick sense of humor I have.  You really should check out her blog, if you like mine you will really like hers.  She has awarded me the  Liebster Award in her pick of 5 favorite bloggers. 

I would like to thank her for this honor and for making my day better, Magic Hat #9 and an award isn't a bad way to end the day.  Now, The Liebster Award is meant to be given to bloggers with less than 200 followers.  Accepting the award means I now have to pick my five so here goes:

The Mommy Rant -  Joanne has some quick simple and very humorous views of life and parenting!  Very funny!

ToughCookieChronicles - She started following me so naturally I jumped over to read her blog...she has a schedule like me and posts sporadically but with a very interesting humor twist. Plus she used the word ninja to describe herself.

In Stitches On The Compound - Not my typical blog to follow but a very good read none the less.  KrisD is a very talented writer and crafty-type-of-person.

Because Nobody Likes Mondays - I know Blondie awarded her already, but she is like a female me.  Some of her posts are like my life, she reminisces like I do, heck even has the same time frame of dating, engagement and marriage as me.  For that I want to award Heather another Liebster.

And last but not least, I saved this one for sentimental and personal reasons.

Funny Odd Thing, Life... - Mr. Fabie.  We only met once but we have stayed in contact for years.  I award Dave with  Liebster for having an awesome outlook on like and for being a mentor for me.  The lesson he taught me many years ago have stuck to this day.

So, to these award recipients, you are charged with the following duties in accepting your award:

Accept your award, thank the person that gave it to you and link back to them on your blog and then nominate 5 other blogs

Leave a comment on their blog telling them about the award.


  1. Woah, Kevin thanks for the cool shout out. My life is also much like the movie Goundhog Day except it's more like the movie sequel where Bill Murray and Addie what's-her-name get married and have kids and then their lives get a lot more boring in one respect but a lot more interesting in another.
    Groundhog's Day is also my birthday AND I used to be a graphic designer in my previous (pre-kid) life. Cosmic!

    1. Ha I know the feeling! And a fellow PRE-kid graphic artist, I love it.

  2. Hello Kevin, congrats on the award. I just started following you about 4 minutes ago and I am loving your blog already..

    1. Thank you! I echo your thoughts on yours.

  3. I know, I know...but better late than never. I must admit to laughing my ass off at your expense as I read this. Great post!

    1. At the end of the day I laugh at the expense of myself too, it keeps me sane. Thanks!

  4. Strong the force is with you ... Or is that to ghost of George MgGee? I always get those two confused. Outstanding blog Mr. PD. The blue card is in the mail.! :)

    1. I would gather it's the ghost of McGee, or maybe some Wiccans roaming around camp...

      Thank you original PD, we will miss you at the Reunion next week, hope all is well!