Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It's A Wait..What? On Me

I will always freely admit when I am wrong, have done something wrong or I have done something stupid. Yup, I am not perfect, hard to believe I know! I started this blog a couple of years ago and was persuaded to bring it back because some of my friends actually enjoyed it, again hard to believe.

Well that made me excited, not the "holy shit I can't believe Lucas is releasing the Saga in 3D" excited but more like the "wow, people like what I write" excited. In my excitement I pull a classic guy mistake...I didn't read the instructions on how to properly blog.

I noticed they page views increasing but yet no one was commenting or following it, yet it kept growing. Odd I thought to myself, well come to find out I messed up and never enabled people to follow me or to comment directly on some posts.

And for that I apologize for being a dumbass.

Now if I can direct your attention to the right of you computer or tablet screen, you should see not one but in fact two ways you can follow my blog and by all means, do makes me feel accomplished. On top of letting people stalk me, I think I have been able to let people comment on my posts...again feel free to do so if it pleases you.

So there we have it, I screwed up in my rush to start the blog back up. Told you I'm not perfect. I'm also not fat, it's just my awesomeness swelling up.


  1. I really should do this will make things much easier for the stalkers I already have!!!

  2. Thank you for letting me know I'm not the only complete dumbass out there. I went for three months without enabling comments or a follow me. Finally had someone ask me why I did that. My answer? Why would ANYONE be that big of a dumbass...but me? Good to know I'm not alone.

  3. Got something for ya on my blog. Come take a look!