Saturday, May 2, 2009


Other than this pandemic sounding like a HAM Radio operator's handle or a droid from Star Wars, this country is taking it lightly. YES it is the flu just a different strain of it. YES it is a VERY bad case and YES it is highly contagious, but I am thinking two things....
1. As stated above this country is taking it a little too lightly, Obama comes out and says wash your hands and don't sneeze....thanks doc....that's just common sense.
2. The far extreme is that the media (gotta love them) is blowing it far out of proportion and scaring the crap out of everyone.
I am somewhere in between these two, taking precautions, but nothing more than my usual routine of hand sanatizer and washing hands.
The link I am about to post shows you how concerend we are about this H1N1 flu, take care of the pigs....
Who knows where and when this will end but in the meantime....remember to wash your hands....and don't kiss and pigs.

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