Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'd Rather Kiss A Wookie and Being a Fag Stag

Wow, May 2009...over a year ago. I guess real life really does sneak up on you. I haven't posted a single blog since then..oops, so sue me.

There has been a lot going on in my life, I now the proud owner of THREE boys now...I'm joking, I don't own them, but sometimes I wish we could sell them. Tristan Jacob Fuller arrived on April 13, 2010.

People tell me every chance they get that raising girls is much harder than boys....I would challenge that, especially three of them. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know the girls have hormones and are moody..blah, blah, blah. I want a parent of a girl or girls to take my three boys and then try to figure out how to deal with them in certain situations....

OK picture this, North Central Mass, 2009. A 5 year old and 3 year old are taking a bath together (they can do that until the age of I have been told). You are in the room next to the bathroom and you hear from the 5 year old "Ewwww, gross, OK now you look." and then the 3 year old says "Ewwwww, it's brown." You stop in mid sentence of the newsletter you are typing and cautiously make your way to the bathroom. As you enter, you see both boys in the tub, one of them bent over and spreading his cheeks (and not the northern hemisphere ones) while the other is gazing in amazement.

OK Daughter Genius, what do you do? I'll give you a hint THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO OTHER THAN LAUGH!

There are a ton of great reasons to have sons too. One is they can't get pregnant. Yes, you need to worry about them GETTING someone pregnant, but I can imagine it will be easier to wrap it then to tell them don't do it. Second is they can pee anywhere there is cover. No need for wiping, shake it and it's's a glorious thing! There are more, but why bore you with the details...just find out for yourself.

Other than the third boy arriving into our lives, I have been accepted and tagged in the LGBT (I think that's the acronym for it, I'm still learning the terms and codes). If you don't know what LGBT is, you will soon enough. I am officially known as a "Fag Stag". They tell me to wear the name proudly. A Fag Stag is a Heterosexual Male (me) that is a close or best friend of a Homosexual Male. I do have to warn you, they are taking over I tell you! The friend I have calls me on a weekly basis (sometimes BI-weekly...HAHAHA..ugh) to inform me of other people I know who have come out of the closet.

I don't see the issue people have with "the gays", if they are in love, great go for it...eeep! It's not for me, but then again I am not gay, but I would imagine it's the same feeling that we have. One thing I will say is ease up on the Pride Celebrations, it seems like there is one every fricking weekend. I say that in jest, and my friends in LGBT community hear me joke about that all the time. Speaking of joking around, have you heard this one?

What does a gay horse eat? Haaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy. It's funnier in person.

I say kudos to you if you came out of the closet, house, garage it takes balls to do something like that. To put it into perspective for heterosexual people, I can't. I don't think you can explain how difficult that would be. The best way would be to ask someone who is gay and ask them how they felt.

Anyway, I just realized I didn't touch base on the Wookie part of this blog. While tucking in my sons, we were in the 3 year old's room and my 6 year old asked if he could give him a kiss good night and the younger told him that he would rather kiss a Wookie. I love it...Star Wars geeks in the making. There is hope yet, I wouldn't trade my boys for the world.

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