Monday, February 16, 2015

Did You Miss Me?

Well, I guess I have been a dich.
Well I missed you.

No seriously I did.  I realize that I haven't done a blog entry since April of 2014 (fucking A to Z Challenge).  I definitely put the blogging on the back burner and you know what, it was nice.  I spent time with the family, did some great things in Scouts and lived my life but deep down inside, I missed it.  I missed the torture of trying to be humorous, the agony of trying to write something that people would enjoy and more importantly the free therapy.

Yup, that's the look right there.
What prompted this you may ask?  Simple, I was a friend's daughter's 3rd birthday party (I know, I'm a baller when it comes to parties) and his brother came up to me and said he's been away and hasn't been able to keep up with my blog and was looking forward to catching up on it since he left.  When I told him there wasn't much to catch up on, I kinda got the "Whaaaaaat?" look from him, it was like almost an approval rating of -29 from him.

Then it happened again, this time I was talking to a friend of mine, helping him out with some stuff and he mentioned that he always looked forward to my blog posts and that he missed reading them.  I looked at him and asked why, his simple response was that it gave him something to look forward to each week.  I gave him the "Don't start this shit" look and he bounced that look right back at me like a volley ball.

"You're a fucking published author and a funny one at that.  Stop being a dumbass and do what you like doing."

Blink, blink, blink.

Wow dude.  Thanks.

Hi, my name is Kevin and I'm a dumbass.
And you know what he's right, I am a published author, I can blog at least once a week. I have some crazy shit to blog about (that's the beauty of this world, the dumbassary pool never runs dry).  I may not write things everyone will like and I won't get discouraged when my views are low, this is something I enjoy doing.

It's a new year, I'm buried under 7 feet of snow, what the fuck, let's kick this thing off again.  Maybe I'll revamp the look, maybe I won't.  One thing is for sure I will blog, dammit I will blog.

Hope you're ready.


  1. Well it is nice to see you back! For every 10 people who glaze over I say the word blog, it is nice to have the one or two who admit to actually reading it. Stay warm!!

  2. Woohoo! Write!

    Of course, these things tend to snowball once you give them a little push.

    I'm looking forward to it, no matter how little you give us.

  3. I'm sorry, and you are...? I mean the name seems vaguely familiar, the black background with the white's al so reminiscent of someone, something I used to read. Well, I guess I look forward to re-familiarizing myself with your writing. (In all seriousness, glad you're back, glad someone gave you a kick. And yeah, don't do the stupid A-Z challenge, and while we're at it, avoid the NaNoBlopMo.)

  4. Dreams do come true!
    I was thinking about what in the name of Britney Spears, had happened to you and then you popped up. See, miracles do happen!