Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hell On Wheels In The A To Z Challenge

Ah the letter H, and here it is 9:00 PM on Wednesday, I'm a little behind the time but hey, I'm still doing the challenge.

Hell on wheels.  Yeah not so much any more.  I told you all about cars and how they change as you go into Adulthood.  Now it's time to tell you how driving changes as you venture further into Adulthood.  When I first got my license it was pedal to the metal everywhere I went.  Always speeding, always burning out and constantly getting pulled over.  The good news was my Dad was kind of a celebrity in my hometown so I got out of a lot of shit.  I was always breaking my car and having to repair it.  My mechanic loved me.

I was always getting yelled at by neighbors and others for going to fast down the road.  I just didn't care, I had a car to cruise around in.  Then I got older.

Now I pretty much obey the speed limit...mostly, in Massachusetts the speed limit is a suggestion more than a law so 10 miles above it, you tend not to get bothered.  I don't peel out anymore unless it is snowing and I just don't beat the shit out of my vehicles anymore.  I can't afford them.  Period.

Just the other day, I turned into one of my neighbors and I actually yelled at a teenager who was driving too fast in my neighborhood.  Dammit, I'm old.

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  1. I lost my patience for anyone speeding through our neighborhood once I had kids they were in a position to hit!