Friday, April 12, 2013

A To Z Challenge: Killing Time

There's always a Star Wars character.
I was able to get ahead of the game a little bit today and I unveil the letter K.  It seems like all my good stuff was used up last year for the challenge but alas, I must move on and for the sake of channeling my Dad I'm going to talk about the past.

When I was growing up in the small town of Goshen, we had a lot of time to kill.  If the Minions grew up when and where I did they would be beside themselves.

The Minions complain about driving twenty minutes to go to the mall.  We had to drive a minimum of forty minutes to go to the grocery store, fifteen minutes to fill up on gas and an hour to get to the mall.  I had to kill a lot of time cooped up in the back of the Chevy Cavalier wagon.  I didn't bring my GameBoy because I got car sick, so I used my imagination.  I would stare out the window and pretend I was riding a four wheeler or pretend I was the gunner in the back of a Snow Speeder shooting the Snow Troopers.  The Minions would be outside their minds having to do that now.  Let's face it, they want to bring their Nintendo DS with them when we drive to the center of town.

My closest kid neighbor was a mile down the road and I was an only child.  I spent a lot of time by myself...killing time.  One can only beat Zelda and Super Mario Bros. so many times before they get bored. 

I went outside and built my own ninja weapons (yes, I grew up with the real Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, not the abortion that they have now).  I used my Dad's tools and cut a broom handle I found, attached a chain to both ends and wa-la, nunchucks!  I was Michelangelo kicking the Foot Clan's ass. 

When I did have friends over we improvised, we would choose five characters from whatever we were playing (Transformers, G.I. Joe, TMNT) that we could magically change into so that it was fair.  We would fight imaginary enemies, not there, figments of our imaginations, nowadays the Minions need something physical to be able to play like that and that usually ends up being each other.

Kids these days really honestly don't know how good they have it, they think that killing time for five minutes is a pain in the ass they should have tried killing time for five hours while you waited for your parents to finish their chores around the house.

Man this A to Z Challenge is really kicking my ass this year, but the good news is I have next week off and I should be able to catch up...I hope....


  1. You had a Gameboy growing up? I had an Etch-A-Sketch. God, I AM old. lol

  2. Hahaha! Me to Linda, me too.
    You're right Kevin, kids aren't left to their own imaginations any more. It's all filled with images and sounds from a small screen.
    On the plus side, it keeps em quiet and out of our hair for an hour or three. :)

  3. I had a wooden spoon and a tin pan!

  4. I always heard parents got more lenient with kids, the more they had. Nope. I was the last of 5 and I never got to do anything!!!

    I had a sandbox & worms. When we went up north to our other house, I had a section of fence I used for a pretend horse and trees to climb.

  5. So I'm reading the LWB book while I'm exercising, and while it is funny, I had not actually laughed out loud until your chapter with the floofy and your kid saying you don't want to get poop on your face. Well done sir...

  6. Kids today are inundated with amazing electronic toys and gadgets that eat batteries and make a lot of noise. When some of our grandchildren received old-fashioned sock dolls and rag dolls a couple years ago, they keep squeezing the dolls' arms and legs and bellies to make them "do" something. Totally cracked us up.

  7. Goshen,NY? That lovely exit off route 17...right in the middle of nowhere?