Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A To Z Challenge: Books And Blogs

 How opportune is it that the book, Parenting Gag Reel - Hilarious Writes and Wrongs:  Take 26 comes out on the same day I am supposed to write with the letter B.  B is for book people, a book that I have two of my stories in.  Life Well Blogged has selected not one, but two of my Minion tales for their fourth book which is scheduled to be released today on Amazon for your Kindle.  In other words go and download, I promise you will literally laugh your ass off.  Not only is it short dough at $2.99 but some of the proceeds go to Autism Speaks.  Here is the link to order your e-book today from Amazon!  You will feel better with yourself because you have laughed and you have helped a great cause...plus you can show off my work to all of your friends.

Speaking of being published in a book, did I mention that I am going to be in a book?  It's true, it's damn true.  With my new found fame and fortune (OK, not so much fortune, seeing that the proceeds are going to Autism Speaks), I vow to you my faithful readers I will NOT get the Big Blog Syndrome.  I will stay true to my roots and I will not get a swelled head like some other bloggers we all know...cough, cough, Elf on the Shelf, cough, cough.

There was a blog that was bashing Life Well Blogged and criticized them for publishing bloggers without compensation, well I knew that going into this adventure and I'm OK with it because I'm not a money grubbing whore...oh and it seems like they have the Big Blog Syndrome.  Just because I happen to be a smaller blog doesn't mean I'm an idiot.  There are many smaller blogs out there like mine that think it's awesome to be noticed.

Speaking of not getting big, I've been meaning to pimp out a blog for a little while now.  I went to high school with this person and just found out that she does a parenting blog.  Jodi who writes The Noise of Boys is a friend of mine and one of the few all boy children.  She has gone through quite a bit in her life and her blog is a wonderful read full of great stories and tidbits of parenting information.  Do her a favor and head over to her blog and read the posts, you won't be sorry.

Once done there, head over to her Facebook page and her Twitter, like and follow her.  She is guaranteed to be a hit with the mommy bloggers that follow me.

Sorry for a cheesy letter B, but I wanted to make sure I paid it forward and let everyone know about Jodi's blog...oh and by the way, did I mention I'm in a published book?



  1. You have lots of stuff going on for B but I love the book- :) Thanks for posting.
    My A-Z

  2. Congrats on the book! And I will be sure to check out your friend's blog :)

  3. Congrats. I'm in a published book, it's called "Everybody poops". They use a pic of my toilet.

  4. Congrats on being published. I'm keeping that term, big blog syndrome' in mind. It sounds like a real illness.

  5. Congratulations on being published!

  6. First-time visitor here (via A-Z), but I'll definitely be back. I love your voice. You'll have no trouble finding that fortune to go with the fame (and more of that one, too) because you come across as totally real, totally *here*. Glad to have found your blog! Oh, and congrats on the publishing! Heady feeling, isn't it? May there be many many more such announcements!

  7. Published in a book you say?!

  8. Congrats on being published!

    A to Z Ninja Minion

  9. Congratulations Kevin, for two of your tales published! Next stop, world domination. :)

  10. Awesome job on getting published!

  11. Wow, congrats!! How exciting. I'll have to go check that book out. You should be proud :)