Monday, March 4, 2013

I Bet You Can't...

This is my I Don't Like Mondays blog post, for which I am grateful to Mod Mom Beyond IndieDom for giving everyone a nice pulpit to bitch and complain...not that I needed another avenue to rant about something.

Many of you know that I use Facebook, along with 99.99% of the world's population (hell even homeless people use Facebook) and that there are some things the bug the shit out of me when it comes to, what we've affectionately called Fakebook.  The latest thing that has been bugging the ever living shit out of me are these ri-fucking-diculous "I bet you can't name a _______ that doesn't have the letter _______ in it.  It's REALLY tough (winky face emoticon).  Good luck!

This is one a fellow blogger had the sack to post on my wall.
Are you fucking serious?  What have we become as a race?  Even Minion #2 who is in Kindergarten can do this and these are being posted by adults? Adults who more than likely have graduated from a facility of higher learning.  These are not cute, they are not funny, they make humans look dumber than a box of wombat shit.  I can guarantee that an alien race is watching this and their high council has declared that the humans have become dumb enough and the time is right to begin the assault.

It's not just states either, there are fish ones too.  Name a fish that does not have the letter A in it.  That's stupid, dolphin doesn't have a letter A in it....

**and for those who thought I was serious on the dolphin thing...lighten up Francis, it was a closing joke.


  1. This kind of thing is among the LESS irritating posts showing up in my Facebook feed recently. I've got the Snopes site bookmarked so I can fling it at people more easily. With all "help us get likes so we can get a puppy/cure cancer" and the unimaginative "inspirational quote on a background" stuff, I'm moving more and more towards Twitter.

  2. I can only name one city in Pennsylvania, and lo and behold, no "e." This is precisely why I stopped using Facebook (guess that makes me part of the 0.01% Occupy that, bitches). It only made me hate the people I supposedly liked.

  3. This FB post made me scream at my computer (and freak out the cat).
    The f*cking capital of Pennsylvania doesn't have an E in it.

  4. This shit is the freaking scourge of Facebook. It makes me weep for humanity. Then I feel slightly smug because the people who post this shit are assholes.

  5. It's my total pleasure to give my fellow bloggers yet another piece of real estate on which to bitch and moan. Bitch and Mona are my middle names. That would make a great store, wouldn't it? Like Williams Sonoma, Smith & Wesson, Bitch n' Mona. Needs work...gotta think it through...still in the planning stages.

    Anyway, I have not seen these things on Fakebook, which is a darn good thing, because it would bug the shizz outta me. I guess consider the fact that most people of Fakebook - and I'm talking about adults here - don't know the diff between there, their and they're and THERE you have it! AHA!

  6. I am so relieved to see that it isn't just me annoyed by these things (even if I do feel super intelligent for a fraction of a millisecond when I think of an answer)