Friday, August 3, 2012

It's An Awarding Experience

I interrupt your regularly schedule blog reading with a dramatic statement...

I do love me some awards!

The first one comes from Dude Write, everyone who follows me should know Dude Write by now, if you don't...get out from under the rock, head over there, read ALL of the blog posts, come back when voting opens and cast your THREE votes for your favorite Dude Bloggers.  Ahem, sorry for the rant...anyway I received the Platinum Award from Dude Write (for the third time I might add) for my Your Family Is Anorexic post.
Dude Write
I hear they may change the name to the Who Woulda Thought? Award
The second award I received is from Mod Mom over at Mod Mom Beyond IndieDom.  I've talked about her before but it bears repeating.  She is an awesome blogger and wicked funny, she has some fantastic views on various topics and not to mentions she has some great drink recipes too!  She is headed to the BlogHer Conference in New York this weekend so I want to wish her luck, especially in her arm wrestling match against Martha Stewart.  She has nominated me for the Rockin' Blogger Award which means I rock (and I don't mean the Camaro).
I think I'm the first dude to get this...but the pink bow and skull are cute...

The rules are wicked simple AND you don't have to play a silly 2,756 Questions Game or sacrifice a pygmy to Lui the god of sun:

  • Pass The Award To Other Rockin' Bloggers

Here Are The Nominees From Me:

Because nobody likes Mondays
She hasn't been blogging much this summer, but she is the female version of me, you'll love her.
Crap That Bugs Me! 
If you despise Fakebookers, you'll adore this blog!
I take back my statement that nothing ever good came out of Canada, Ken is a great read!
Living in Kellie's World
Quite the interesting read from mad scientist weapons to taking many, MANY vacations
The Six-Fingered Monkey
Even though he went to the Dark Side, Six is awesome
Besides being a fun read and a blog I can relate to, he "loves" getting awards...I can't wait to see what he does with this one

We now return back to your regularly scheduled blog reading.


  1. Thanks Kevin! That might just be the coolest award I've seen yet!

    Congratulations on all your man cards. Your getting all the good ones!

    1. You got it Ken! Thanks for the props, I hope they are all earned and not my Minions voting for me....we'll see.

  2. Oh yay! The rules are simple enough that I may not have to...ahem...defecate on this one! lol

    1. Aw man....that's the real reason I gave you this award LOL

      That and you rock! Keep up the great writings Dan!

    2. Ok then, perhaps just a sprinkle. But then I will wipe the seat when I'm done! lol

  3. Thanks, Kevin. I'm never very good at following up on these award things so I'm glad this one takes minimal effort. We're cleaning and packing all day today, tomorrow is an an all day party for a Marine friend getting transferred to D.C., and Sunday we leave another one of our many, MANY vacations - a two week cruise to Alaska. I'll try to stay connected but don't be surprised if I fall off the grid for a while.

    1. Yeah I'm the same way, this one had minimal the skull and rocking balls was pretty cool. Have fun on the cruise! Stay safe and hope to hear about it!

  4. I love the pink bow -- thanks. I'll will be attending to this soon. :)