Monday, June 25, 2012

A Little Premature...Hey It Happens...

So they say good things come in pairs...comfy jeans, nice boobs, sneakers, nice get the idea...  So if I were to follow that rule then I am destined for greatness again at Dude Write for the second challenge....go and vote NOW (please of course) because I was just presented with a blog award from Gossip_Girl at ~*~Whatever~*~.   I now unveil my Fabulous Blog Ribbon Award....

You'd think they'd make these things a little less in-the closetish

I want to say thank you to Gossip_Girl because, well I like getting awards, it's fun and um, awarding.  Gossip_Girl is a funny writer and deserves the credit that she doesn't get, go check her out...NOW (please of course).

Now, what seems like a trend with some of these awards, there are rules and regulations..everyone knows I don't play well with others, but what the hell, here we go...

(I have altered the rules, pray I don't alter them any further)

In order to accept you must:

1.  Post the rules in your blog 
2.  Name 5 of your most fabulous moments, either in real life or in the blogosphere
3.  Name 5 things you love
4.  Name five things you hate despise
5.  Pass the ribbon to 5 other bloggers by leaving them a comment notifying them of their win

5 Fabulous Moments

1.  Earning my Eagle Scout award
2.  Getting married
3.  Teaching the Minions the art of farting
4.  Winning the Gold Man Card at Dude Write last week
5.  Being there for the Minion's arrivals

5 Things I Love

1.  The Trophy
2.  Minion #1
3.  Minion #2
4.  Minion #3
5.  A tie between Star Wars and Scouts

5 Things I Hate Despise (The alteration)

1.  Clowns - OK, I can keep hate for this one
2.  Cotton Balls - They squeak, I can't stand them
3.  Fakebookers - You know what I'm talking about
4.  Bloggers who go viral after two posts - Fuck you, little girl from Poland or whatever country you get crappy school lunches in
5.  One Uppers - The people who claim they did something just slightly better than you

And now (drum roll) the 5 people I am passing this award to (don't kill me again....)

Lily at The Incoherent Ramblings Of A Moose
Cheryl at Crap That Bugs Me
Mod Mom at Mod Mom Beyond IndieDom
Heather at Because nobody likes Mondays
Joe at Living in Kellie's World

Congrats and pass this shit around like herpes!


  1. Thank you, Kevin! Gossip_Girl was also generous with the award! Do I just save the pic to a new blog post? Help a new sistah out.

    1. A sistah from another mistah!

      Yup, just save the picture, post it in the blog and on the side of your blog, wherever you want...just make sure you follow the rules...the blog police get pissy if you don't.

  2. Dude! Thank you - you rock! And you're right - fuck that little Polish girl who went viral after two posts. I hope she chokes on her nuggets. (Not really...oh Goddess, I'm a sucky person...I'm going to Hell for that...)

    1. If you go to hell, I will see you there, I have been bashing that little shit for a long time now...your blog rules!

    2. Save me a seat when you get there, cause I'll be right behind ya (or in front of ya, in which case I'll save the seats). Nothing like putting in the time and effort and then someone comes along and BAM!!! Instaviral. Too bad we can't send ass whoopin' emails. She opens them up and ZAP!! and electrical shock fries her computer and sends her flying out of her chair and onto her ass all dazed and confused. Someday maybe technology will catch up to my vision.

  3. Congrats on the awards and good luck this week Kevin. btw...I added your link to my blog under the "Bloggers I LOVE" section.

  4. Man. You SUCK. I just got this award thingee and I was gonna give it to you... but I'm too late. Whatever!

    1. Wow I can feel the plutonic love in here...better late than never....

  5. i hate clowns and i hate people who have crappy blogs but 1000 followers. let's unite and take over the blog world. i found your blog via another blog and couldn't be happier
    i would love for you to visit my blog and follow if you like it.

    new follower bev

  6. Damn People, so much hate for one little girl. (she's from Scotland by the way)
    When I read she'd gone viral, I was all 'AHHH BLESS!' Okay I lied, I was hoping she'd gone the plague and pestilence type of viral...beatch.

    Kevin you more than deserve that award and a whole lot more. You are bloody marvelous!
    And thank you for nominating me. :)

  7. I always love running across these kinds of posts :) I know that I can always find more wonderful blogs to read that I haven't come across before, so thank you so much for that!! :) And congrats too btw!!

  8. Ok for starters I read that damn little girls blog all the time and think "I am a lunch lady, I cook that crap for a living, boy could I blow her out of the water" but then I realize I can;t even get off my ass enough to write my blog more than once a month these days. Thank you for the award. I promise, this week some time I will actually post again. I am really gonna blame it on a fucked up Rhomboid muscle, it hurts to type, really it does.