Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Chippewa Plague

Now to the present day, April 3rd and the 3rd letter of the alphabet, C.  This one is easy.  C stands for Chippewa Plague.  For those of you who don't know what the Chippewa Plague is let me enlighten you.

This one time, at Scout Camp...(which is the beginning of a ton of my stories).  One year while working at Chesterfield Scout Reservation there was an epidemic where thousands of campers, well maybe hundreds, OK, dozens of campers and staff came down with what we referred to as the Chippewa Plague.  In a nutshell you leaked from every orifice.  Puke and shit flew everywhere.  It was terrible.  Now fast forward 16 years.

Ironically enough I had just returned from a Scouting event and I was getting ready for bed, my tummy was less than happy for some reason.  I laid down to sleep and about an hour into my slumber I was awoken by the intense need to puke.  I got up and made it to the bathroom and proceeded to put my face in a place that was never designed for my face.

Not once but twice last night I prayed to the porcelain god and for good measure once more in the morning.  What came with the projectile vomiting was uncontrollable shivering, so bad in fact that I woke my wife up each time.  I was freezing.  Yes, I ended up calling in sick to work and spent the majority of the day laying in my own diseased sheets and blankets.

When I did end up getting out of bed I ached all over...and I still do.  I have enjoyed a lovely diet of flat ginger ale, oyster crackers and just recently some scrumptious white rice made with chicken broth...oh, stop you spoil me.  The problem is even the rice and Gatorade isn't sitting well at all...dammit, I don't get sick often, but when I do, I do it with gusto.

I will freely admit, men are babies when we get sick.


  1. God how awful! Thank god my toilet is next to the sink, because last time that happened, I had my head in the sink, heaving up a lung and my arse on the toilet pushing out a...seriously, I've got to STOP over-sharing.

    Hope you feel much better soon! :)

    1. HA! I tend to over share things too...you may hav noticed from my blog...

      I am feeling slightly better today, only pissed out my ass once so far.

  2. Et tu Brutus?
    I just found out about April A to Z (always the last to know) and now it's too late to sign up.
    Guess D is for Dammit (Janet).

    1. Yeah...I hear ya. I found out about it yesterday from Lily and it was too late to sign up officially so I am going rogue and by my own rules....