Friday, March 2, 2012


No, not that crappy TV show from the 1990s....(I had to say that to protect my masculinity, I actually watched the show and still catch the repeats from time to time, it really wasn't a bad show, plus Jennifer Aniston was pretty damn hot and I like saying Courtney COX, heh heh heh).

Anyway...I find myself in a position to apologize to people who actually read my blog, I've slacked off for a month, I know, I know....the past month has been more of the same, still dealing with mom's stuff, trying to fix the house, dealing with the month of February and of course Scouts (which besides my family is my saving grace, I love working with the Cubs and yes the Leaders).

Back to the title of this post, Friends.  I've always had friends, lots of friends, I was never an outcast I got along with everyone in high school, the jocks, the preps, the nerds, every click you could come up with I was able to fit in.  I don't know how I did it, I just was able to, looking back it was a gift.  I can honestly say (with the exception of the businesses) I know all of my "friends" on Facebook, everyone impacted my life somehow and someway.  Sometimes I took having friends for granted.

The past couple of months, well since January 17 to be exact, I have come to appreciate friends a lot more, I've also found out that friends you had in the past may or may not be there for you in the future.  I've found old friends and I've found new friends.

Since my mom passed, my friends have helped me in many ways and in some ways they didn't even know.  Old friends have been there like a familiar resting spot along the trail of a three day hike, always there when you need them.  These old friends I have known since I was three years old, ten years old and high school age.  They will always be there for me I know it and I am not taking that for granted.  Each one of these old friends have had a HUGE impact in my life.  You know who you are and remember I will always be there for you as well.

I've also found quite a few new friends.  Moving to North Central Mass was probably one of the best things I did (although I do miss WMass more than you know).  On top of moving here, getting involved with Scouts out here was another great thing for me, not that I ever left Scouting, I just moved around a lot from 2003-06 so I never had a chance to settle into a Unit or Council.  Without sending the email that fateful day I was presented with a new Cub Scout Pack to have my oldest son to join.  The rest was history and BAM! my new friends were found.  They have supported and backed me for a couple of years now and for that I appreciate them.

I know, not my typical post and for that I again apologize.  Maybe this will help.....

There, not only did I take a shot at a place I absolutely despise AND I geeked out on you!  I really do not like Walmart, but sometimes it is a necessary evil, just like the Galactic Empire.

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