Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Tried...I Really Did....

Back in December I posted about New Years resolutions or goals and how people should be more realistic with their own.

Yeah...I should have taken my own advice.  I tried to despise things less.  It went great for the first two weeks of January (which from my last post you know it was craptacular).  Well I capped off January this week with some fantastic observations that sealed my failure in despising things less.

Walmart is ALWAYS a perfect place to get Bantha poo doo for my blog (if I am lacking any in my daily routine).  Now, I try to avoid Walmart for obvious reasons but I had to go there last week.  I know what to expect and I won't go into details, there's a website for that.  But I was not expecting to witness  what was one of the most atrocious displays of parenting I've seen in a long time.

I have never claimed, nor will I ever claim to be the best dad in the world.  I slip up and swear in front of the boys from time to time, change the diaper wrong, yell at the kids when they do something and it wasn't their fault.  Nope never claimed I was perfect, but I can tell you I (and 99.9% of the other people I know) am much better and stand head and shoulders above the "mom" I saw at Walmart.

I was walking through the cereal aisle (not buying anything, the wife won't let me grocery shop among other daily house hold chores...I'll tell you later) and I over heard the following, and I quote "No, you cannot get cereal this week, I need money for my cigarettes!"  Blink, blink, blink...I was speechless.  I walked past this poor girl and her puddle of monkey seamen of a mother, processing what I just heard.  Really?  Now, I know everyone has a habit of some sort (don't deny it) but I give anyone permission to kick me in the balls 35 times if you hear me ever say something like that to my boys.  I drink beer but I won't buy a six pack over giving my kids cereal.  I play video games, but I won't buy a game if it means the boys don't get their favorite juice.  I mean seriously, if you are rolling pennies for gas broke, GIVE UP FUCKING SMOKING! 

What does an average pack of cigarettes cost now?  $8.00?  The average person who smokes, smokes a pack a day so that's 7 packs a week.  If my math is correct (never made it past algebra in college) 8 X 7=56.  $56.00 a week towards your habit.  52 weeks a year, 56 X 52=3080.  $3,080.00 a year spent on our habit.  The average cost of generic cereal is $3.00.  That's roughly 1,026 boxes of generic cereal.  Even if you sprung for Lucky Charms or Honey Comb ($4.00 a box average), that's still 770 boxes of cereal you can give your kid.

I didn't think anything would top that. Then there was Tuesday.....

I had to go to the Social Security office on behalf of my 86 year old dad who is in a nursing home. I had to pick up some papers and drop off some copies, nothing major.  The office opens up at 9AM, which is perfectly convenient to the working person...but then again, it's not usually the working person who goes there I guess.  I arrived at 9:05 and was promptly 8th in line.  I sat down in the oh-so-comfortable chairs and waited patiently.  I counted 10 windows and only one open, sure makes sense to me.  I looked around the room and saw what I would have considered normal people at the Social Security office, older people who are retired and a family with a handicapped child.  Then there were the other 4 people there noses in their iPhones, playing their brand new Nintendo 3Ds, wearing designer clothing and sunglasses, yeah...I won't even go there.

"Why did you stop my social security while I was incarcerated for 90 days?"  Take a minute to let that soak in, I'll repeat it for you, "Why did you stop my social security while I was incarcerated for 90 days?"  Got it?  Is it registered?  Yeah it took me a few minutes to figure that out too.  I looked around the waiting area and no one else seemed shocked or surprised to hear that being said.  I guess it must be a common question asked on a daily basis.  Now I am not shocked easily but I was flabbergasted because about 3 minutes later I heard the same question come from one of the iPhone tapping, sunglasses wearing, perfectly capable of working people in the waiting room.  It wasn't exactly the same, it was directed to her (multiple answers here)

a.  boyfriend
b.  husband
c.  baby daddy
d.  fuck buddy

The answer is really irrelevant because it was the question that was asked that infuriated me.  I think it was 60 days, so not as bad as 90 days in jail.  Either way, my turn came up and I did my business for my dad.  As I was leaving the office, I looked up and saw HUGE portraits of our President, Vice President and Governor. 

God Bless America.

So here it is February first and I am back to despising people.  I have others that I can rant about, but I have come up with solutions to those.

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