Saturday, May 4, 2013

Happy Star Wars Day!

Ah, May 4th, every Star Wars geek's favorite day, Happy Star Wars Day to all of my readers!  Wait, what?  You don't know what Star Wars Day is?  May 4th is the official unofficial day, get it?  May fourth...May the fourth...shit if I have to explain it stop reading right now and go throw yourself in front of the USS Enterprise.  May the Fourth Be With You!

I have to confess, despite it being a cool day to celebrate and the fact that I will wear Star Wars t-shirts and tell everyone May the Fourth Be With You, I don't subscribe to May 4th as the official Star Wars Day and it's simple, Episode IV was released on May 25, 1977.  This little graphic explains it all...

Simple mathematics my friends.  It all adds up and makes perfect sense, feel free to watch it again or the Maker forbid watch A New Hope for the first time.  It's all there.  Speaking of May 25, there is a major anniversary coming up, this May 25 will be the 30th anniversary of Return of the Jedi.  Thirty fracking years ago, I watched this movie on the big screen at a drive in.  Happy early anniversary Episode VI!

So how are you celebrating Star Wars Day?  Are you going to be drinking Blue Milk or Tatooine Sunrises?  Perhaps you are going to watch all six movies in consecutive order or maybe you want to try the Machete Experiment and watch them in a fucked up order where you skip Episode I.  Maybe you are going to go low key and just wear a simple t-shirt (which is what I'm doing for part of the day as I'm working) or you're going to go full blown costume as a Jedi or Stormtrooper.  However you are celebrating just make sure you do one thing tomorrow....

Piss off a Trekkie.

P.S. I have nothing against Star Trek, I enjoy it as well...all of the spin offs and the crappy movies.


  1. If May the fourth is supposed to kind of sound like "may the force" shouldn't we also call it "Thar Warth Day"? You know, if we're being consistent with the Daffy Duck like lisp.

  2. Yeah, my Star Wars obsessed kid just corrected me. "Mom! It's 'May the Force'!" I just told him to go with it. I've got a Star Wars cocktail coming up today to celebrate with. It'll be up as soon as my hubby brings back the Midori. :)

  3. Don't be too hard on us Trekkies, we may not have lightsabers, but we do have holodecks! Come on, who wouldn't want a holodeck!

  4. But....but today is the eighth! I don't understand!

    Whatever! You're weird so I'm joining up with the Sith!

  5. Wait, what's the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek?! I'll be hiding for the rest of my existence, now! :P

    Cheers, B from

  6. Wow, Brandy we might not be able to be friends anymore, I'm horribly disappointed in you.

    Kevin, I like to piss off Trekkies, but it always gets me in tribble. ;)

  7. My 2nd oldest is a huge Star Wars fan. He turned 8 on May 4th. A great day all around. I used to wish he'd been born on Cinco de Maya but this is waaaaaay better.