Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sleigh Bells Ring

Happy Chrisma-kwanz-hanaka...or Festivus for the rest of us!

I know that December is still three days away and I shouldn't be posting anything about the magical time of year until then but it's been a little hectic this week and I haven't had a chance to write about anything, which bugs me because I have some pretty good topics stored up in the blog bank.

I wanted to send this post out to let everyone know that I, Kevin, at Who Woulda Thought? will be doing a post a day starting on December 1 and ending on December 25.  They may not be long, they may not be short, I don't know yet but I want to spread the shaving cream of the Holiday Season upon you, my faithful followers.

Each day, starting this Saturday and ending on the 25th, I will post a Holiday based post.  It could be a anecdote about the Minions and how they have ruined Christmas already or it could be an outright attack on the Elf Woman* herself and how she went fucking viral with the stupid Elf on a Shelf post.  Oohhh, actually I just had a brain storm about that damn elf....(I know the suspense must kill you)

You never know what might come to light, hell I don't even know what will come oozing out of my cranium and onto the computer screen but I can tell you one thing, the Holiday season brings out the *ahem* best in me.

For now, enjoy what's left of November and I leave you with this....

 *credit given to the super funny _od _o_ Be_ond Ind_eD_m who asked to remain anonymous of the elf bashing.


  1. All I can say is...i'll see her Elf Shelf and raise her an Elf Porn. Just sayin'...although one of us will get OAM mail and one of us will get creepers. I think I'd rather hang with the creepers though. LOL But enough airing of grievances. Picture #3? Priceless. ) Bring on the daily funny in December, my friend!