Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hello, My Name is Kevin

Everybody now!
This was pretty easy today, just jinxed myself now, but for the A to Z Challenge today is the letter K.  Simple, my name is Kevin...convenient huh?

I got to thinking, I know why my Mom and Dad named me Kevin, I even know what I would have been named if I came out with a va-jay-jay (it would have been Janelle, thank the maker the stem came on the apple), but where does my name come from?  Well Google is a wonderful thing.

I have a church too!  Sweeeet.
My name comes from the Irish Saint Kevin, cool I'm a saint!  Kevin is NOT a biblical name, damn...guess I'm not a saint now.  Kevin derives from Caoimhghin which means "kind, honest and handsome".  Yeah I am aren't I?  Oh,'s broken down into two words, coem meaning "kind, honest and handsome" and gein, which means by "at birth"....shit, that's what happened as I got older.  Kevin is one of the top 100 male baby names in Canada...awesome, you can't trust Canadians, they are a secret club up there waiting to take us over.

There are various ways of spelling my name too; Kevyn, must be my stripper name, "Next on stage 8, Kevyn!"  Keven, I despise it when people spell my name like that it's pronounced KEV-IN.  Kevan, French pronunciation?  KEV-ON, oh, wee-wee.  There are even female versions of it, is that like a boy named Sue?

My name has been used in many different theatrical performances.  Did you know Kevin was a Minion in Despicable Me? I LOVE Minions!  The little shit that beat the hell out of Joe Pesci in Home Alone, yup Kevin...that movie came out in the middle of my school career, you can imagine how it was with people walking down the hall screaming KEVIN!  The dude who is in the PS3 commercials, his name is Kevin, the most memorable would be the Dustin Pedroia one where he his polishing his MVP trophy.

The best thing I like is being related with Kevin James.  Not only are we named the same, but we look similar and have a similar sense of humor.

This guy gives me hope, fat men can be famous.
There's even a town named Kevin in Montana...hopefully it's not near the Testy Fest.  Wow, talk about a small town, I thought Goshen was tiny....this dot on the map is 0.4 square miles and boasts a whopping 178 residents.  It appears to be a poverty stricken town...I guess I won't take too much pride in this naming.

There's also a handgun named Kevin!  The Kevin ZP98 semi-automatic pistol is manufactured in the Czech Republic.  It appears to be popular with Czech citizens for concealed weapons....great now I'm a murderer.

Now here is a little known fact about me, I wanted to change my name to Keith when I was younger.  The reason?  Simple, that was the name of the leader of Voltron, he piloted the Black Lion.

With hair like this, who wouldn't want to be named Keith?

I guess Kevin isn't a bad name after all.


  1. Ok, yet again you are proving that we were separated at birth. First of all, as I was reading this I was listening to the Tv in the background. My son is watching Voltron Force, the remake of the old show. Second, that was my favorite fucking cartoon ever!!!!! I used to pretend to be the Princess and fly the blue lion. I would run around screaming "Activate interlocks, Dynotherms connected, infracells up, megathrusters are go, LET'S GO VOLTRON FORCE" Yes, that is why I had no friends, lol.

    Oh and they are forming Voltron right now on my TV, siked my kids loves it as much as I do.

    Oh and I am named after a shrub.

    1. This is getting very scary...Voltron was awesome! ....and I'll form the head!

      Named after a shrub? All I can think of is Monty Python and the Knights who say née!

  2. The Hubby's name is Kevin. Let's hear it for Kevins everywhere. And...Johnny...tell him what he's won! "Well, Kevin, you've won The Liebster Award for your consistently funny as hell musings!" Just stop on by my blog and pick it up - all expenses paid of course.

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