Saturday, April 20, 2013

A To Z Challenge: Release The Meese!

The baddest bad ass droid around.
Ah Saturday, the glorious day of...never mind I work Saturdays, but today is the Letter R and I could have done an entire post about my favorite droid R2-D2 and how he is the unsung hero of the entire Star Wars Saga and if he wasn't around even the Jedi would have been fucked, well more fucked then they were in Episode III but I have a different tale to tell.

The first part of this story is how the term Release the Meese was coined and is mainly for my new Den Leaders who have never heard or perhaps never wanted to hear the story.  More than likely you've never heard the phrase Release the Meese before and that is because it was only coined three years ago.  We were camping in June with the Cub Scout Pack and were setting up camp.  Now most of the Leaders are, how should we say, gassy and you guessed it, I am the gassiest.  Like I said, we were setting up camp and it was next to a lake.  I laid down on the bench for a minute and I farted.  Not just any fart, I farted so loud it echoed across the lake.  Naturally being guys, the Leaders setting up were all laughing and Beavis and Butt Heading about it.

Then a couple of the Scouts came over and asked what that noise was.  One of the Leaders in his quick thinking said it was a moose.  That began the conversation on what the plural of moose is and the Scouts were determined it was meese.  Thus began the inside Pack joke of Release the Meese, we even had t-shirts made up.

It's been three years since we coined that phrase and it's still going strong.  We've had Leaders come and go but Release the Meese has survived.  Heck it even trickles down into our home lives as well, at least mine...

We all know how the Minions have super powers, but they all share the same power (Minion #3 more so than #1 and #2) with farting, yes they take after the Trophy says.  Let me paint a picture, especially for the newcomers to my blog.

Minion #1 is the oldest of the three.  He isn't quite as brash as his siblings but he does show male tendencies.  Just last night we were getting him ready for bed and silliness ensued, he thought it would be funny to try to rip my arm out of it's socket so I did what any Dad would do, I farted on him and he did what any red blooded American boy would do, he tried to fart on me.  However he neglected to notice the Trophy laying next to him.  As I moved he released the meese on her.  She was oh so impressed too.

Then we have Minion #2, he is all boy.  I have been on vacation most of this week and one night we decided to have a nice campfire in the backyard.  The Trophy and I were sitting by the fire relaxing when #2 came sidling up to us and asked a specific question... "Can I fart on the fire?".  OK, I know I probably have mentioned to them before that farts are gas and I'm sure I told them stories of how we used to try to light them on fire, so I will take the blame for this one.  However in unison both myself and the Trophy told him no. 

That didn't deter him though, sure he went away but came back a few minutes later and aimed his ass at the fire and released the meese.  Needless to say he was disapointed that he didn't blast off like some sort of rocket but the fact that he tried made me proud.

Finally there's Minion #3, as many of you know his gas can wipe out an entire village.  We probably should register his butt as a dangerous weapon at some point.  This story takes place a few months ago, we were sitting in the living room watching some rare TV when #3 waddles in and BOOM, his trademark is released.  At this point the two year old had enough knowledge and forethought to blame the dog...yes my two year old blamed his fart on the dog.  I had to wipe a tear away from my eye.


  1. That story is beautiful and near and dear to my heart. A 15 year old boy lives here...'nuff said!

  2. I'm glad you're teaching them young that yes, farts are damn funny. Also, I'm picturing you now rubbing a bank, holding Minion #3 by his ankles and under your armpit, butt facing out, threatening to Release the Meese unless they give you the money.