Thursday, February 28, 2013

Theme Thursday: O.P.K.

Welcome to my Theme Thursday post, at first I was excited because I thought it said C.P.K. and I could go off on Cabbage Patch Kids but then I read it again and it was different.
The other night The Trophy and I went on a date for her birthday, alone, with no Minions.  We enjoyed a couple of adult beverages without fear of judgement from other patrons, we ordered food that we wanted to eat and the best part was...we ordered dessert.  While we were at the restaurant we were attune to other people's kids or like the title says O.P.K.

Joking around at first, whenever a kid cried or got loud, we said to ourselves, hey someone shut that kid up but then we started realizing that kids are fucking obnoxious when you are trying to enjoy a night out together.  They scream when they don't get the ranch dip with their chicken tenders, they whine because they have to sit for an extended period of time and they don't fucking care about the other people around them.  Kids are little assholes when out in public.

We did something we never get a chance to do without the minions, we went shopping.  We were able to go to Target and look at the things we wanted to look at, we went to Dick's Sporting Goods and were able to try on jackets and other things without the "This is boring" sighs and looks.  While in these places we noticed O.P.K.s as well and they were over the top annoying.  

Then we had the lingering question...are our kids seen like that when we go out?  The answer is yes, yes they are.  Despite the amount of "shushes" and "turn arounds" our kids are probably looked at like miniature ass nuggets and there is nothing you can do about it aside from the leave the Target cart filled with stuff in the aisle and leave the store...yes we have done that.

What is comes down to is your kids and O.P.K.s are going to be ass nuggets, it doesn't matter, don't be ashamed or embarrassed, go on with your meal or shopping.  It's the people without kids that are making the scene but they need to remember one thing, they were once little ass nuggets too. 

This is pretty ingenious actually, more places should do it.


  1. Last weekend was one of the 2 nights a year we go out without the boy. We went for tapas and they seated us next to a one-year-old whose party ignored her for the 2 hours they were there. She was running around, visiting other tables... Ugh.

  2. This is exactly what Hubbs and I do when we have time away from the wigglers! Eating and shopping.... I am sooooo jealous!

  3. this is exactly why Hubs and I refuse to take the kids out in public until they are old enough to understand how to behave. Or we can double-team them. Every once in a while we get a sitter for the three year olds and take the five year old out by herself - she sits between us so she's land-locked, and we let her eat every single piece of ice out of her water using a spoon. It takes just about as long as it does to prepare the meal, so she's pretty well behaved.

    and we just grit our teeth when other parents think they are "training" their kids to behave in public by letting them run around the fine-dining establishment without a leash, throw crackers all over the floor, and ignore them until the "daddy? mommy?" is shouted for the 8th time.

  4. We were comped a meal once when the kids were younger because they were so well behaved..they were 2,4 and 6..the meal was over $100...I always give them the speech before we leave.."Draw undue attention to me or embarrass me in anyway and I will end you"

  5. Totally agree that kids will be kids and sometimes they'll act less than ideal in places, happened a lot when my kids were younger. However, if a kid is really fussy some place, I think it behooves the parent to remove them from it if at all possible so others can enjoy whatever the event might be, dinner out, movie, etc. We did it for our kids so I hope others do it for theirs too. Also reasonable expectations; a young child is not going to know how to behave unless they are taught and the first time you take them out to eat shouldn't be at a 5-star restaurant but fast food, then work your way up, etc.

    sounds like a nice evening for you and your wife


  6. Heeheehee, 'ass nuggets'. I know, how mature I'm I? :)

  7. I'm with Lily...I liked "ass nuggets". ;) Even though I know we've all been there and I appreciate when people are understanding when my kids are a pain and I try to be understanding of theirs and BLAH, BLAH, really flips my widget when I get to go out with the hubular and have to endure OPK's. You know how it is. We all have this inner alarm that goes off whenever we hear a kid that makes us jolt up in our seats at attention ready to spring to action. Once when we were waiting for a table and were seated at the bar, some ass nugget (thank you) sat his kid next to me - I repeat, at the bar - and the kid kept poking me and asking "Hey, whatcha drinkin'?" Grrr....Oh shoot! I forgot to tell this story in my post. We were at McD's and one kid kept staring at my hubs. He had plastic fangs in his coat pocket. Because...why not? And he put them in his mouth and scared the shit out of the kid. Hey, he stopped staring.

  8. My husband and I had the chance to go out by ourselves recently for Vday. We ate and shopped too. Interestingly enough, we really didn't run into any bratty children. It was very, very nice.